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We are a company specializing in landscape design architecture. All our designs begin with an analysis of the location’s strengths, intended to determine the client’s needs and produce a final outcome that satisfies the requirements of the project while protecting and improving the environment.


Javier Marten Herrero Lead Designer

Javier Marten is the Lead Designer of Marten Landscape & Associates, a form dedicated to landscape architecture and the planning of commercial, hospitality and private projects. He graduated form the Robert Reich School of Landscape Architecture at Louisiana State University in 1996, where he was awarded the Thesis Certificate of Excellence. He has completed additional coursework at The Tulane University School of Architecture, The University of Central America (Costa Rica), and The Bartlett School of Architecture and Planning. Before establishing the firm Marten Landscape in San José Costa Rica in 1999, Marten worked with Linda Tycher & Associates (Dallas, Texas), Ecoscape, and Tutt Renovation and Development (Miami Beach, Florida).

Marten specializes in commercial hospitality and residential projects. He has been in charge of emblematic projects such as the Trump Ocean Club (Panama), Ocean Reef Islands (Panama), Hotel Camaleón (Puerto Viejo, CR), Hotel Tryp (San José, CR), Nativa Resort (Puntarenas, CR), Caribbean World Monastir (Tunisia), Bundchen house (Playa Santa Teresa, CR), and Aura-Soma Headquarters (Belford, England).


Additionally, Marten is a creative artist. In 2011 he attended a summer course taught by Larry Poons at The Art Student League of New York, NY, and in 2004 he participated in Urban Landscape and Public Works seminars at the I.F.L.A. (International Federation of Landscape Architects) World Congress in the city of Taipei, Taiwan. He returned to the IFLA World Congress in 2009 (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), to participate in the seminar “Green Infrastructure: High Performance Landscapes.” Javier has published extensively and has received several awards. For his design of the pools at Nativa Resort he received the 2007 Master Pool Guild Award, the GOLD Semi-Public Pool Award, The Association of Pool & Spa Professionals 2007 Awards for Excellence in the category of “International Nonresidential”, and for this work at the Aura-Soma Headquarters he received the Maranta Prize in the category of “Project Proposals” at the 2008 Architecture Bienal. EXPOSICIONES 2011- Aquí & Ahora. Forum I. DesPacio/ Bodega 02. Costa Rica In 2014 he attended a summer course taught by Larry Poons at The Art Student League of New York, NY, and in 2016 he attended a course taught by Pat Lipsky at The Art Student League of New York, NY.

We commit ourselves to offer an approach with humanistic solutions
that can be developed at a national or international level.


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